Elocon (Mometasone)
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Product description: Elocon is prescribed for treatment of itching, inflammation of eczema, dermatitis, allergy and others skin inflammations.
Active Ingredient: Mometasone
Elocon as known as: Altosone, Asmanex, Bioelementa, Cortynase, Dermacortine, Dermenet, Dermosona, Dermovel, Ecelecort, Ecural, Elcodrint, Elica, Elicasal, Elocom, Elomet, Elosalic, Eloskin, Eloson, Elosone, Elovent, Elox, Etacid, F-din, Fenisona, Flazcort, Flogocort, Fremomet, Fulmeta, Iflacort, Intercon, Ladexol, Lisoder, M-furo, Makiren, Medixil, Mefurosan, Mesone, Metaflam, Metason, Metaspray, Metaz, Mofur, Molken, Momate, Momecon, Momecort, Momed, Momegalen, Momelab, Momeplus, Momesalic, Momet, Mometason, Mometasona, Mométasone, Mometasonum, Mometasyn, Monovel, Monsalic, Mopac, Motaderm, Movesan, Nasamet, Nasomet, Nasonex, Novase sp, Novasone, Pinarsina, Prospiril, Regener, Rinelon, Rinelon nasal, Rinobudex, Topcort, Topison, Uniclar, Zynovate

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